Pros and Cons of Different Gutter Materials

You have completed putting up your roof. You are now scratching your head as you ponder what material you will use on your rain gutters.
According to Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, the number one gutter contractor in Oklahoma City, OK, you will need to consider a broad range of factors in selecting the suitable material for your gutters. These include lifespan, aesthetic taste, climate considerations, functional requirements, consistency with the roofing system, cost, and landscaping.
Gutters come in materials such as vinyl, stainless or galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum.
We now give you a rundown of some of the gutter materials and their pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice.

Vinyl and plastic rain gutters (K-Style)

They are becoming increasingly popular.
Pros: They are light, easy to cut and handle, come in a wide range of colors, never lose color, very resilient, and flexible. They can be easily swapped out for a replacement section.
Cons: They can become fragile and easily break with time; susceptible to extreme hot or cold weather as well as high winds, and they are the most expensive gutter.

Stainless or galvanized steel rain gutters

They are not very common.
Pros: They are the strongest gutter material available, last long and resistant to extreme weather conditions or flying debris.
Cons: They are aesthetically not good looking and prone to rust if not well maintained.

Copper rain gutters

Some homeowners use copper to put up rain gutters.
Pros: They uplift the aesthetic look of a house, are fairly durable and are not worn out easily, and easy to maintain.
Cons: They require a professional to install it, is not corrosion-resistant, loses its color with the passage of time if you do not apply to it a sealant regularly, and it is costly to maintain.

Aluminum rain gutters

They are very popular with homeowners.
Pros: They are the cost-effective material for rain gutters, light, easy to install and resistant to weather elements. They are suitable for homes in almost every climatic condition.
Cons: They are prone to pressure, and flying debris can easily dent or damage it, ice and high winds can twist it out of shape, and it tends to develop leaks along its seams. Hence, they are expensive to maintain.

Wood rain gutters

They were once very popular. Lately, few, if any, homeowners install them. They are, however, valued by architectural purists.
Pros: They offer an aesthetic classic, high-end and distinctive look than vinyl and aluminum gutters, are ideal for restoration projects and some woods have natural rot resistance.
Cons: They are hefty and expensive to both purchase and maintain against water damage and excessive decay, difficult to get qualified and experienced personnel to install them. They are hard to repair, but nothing is impossible for Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, one of the top roofing companies in Oklahoma City, OK, so give us a call if you need any roofing help!