We are not one of those companies who try to steal each client from a rival. Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors is competitive in a good sense. While some companies simply wait for the opportunity to get each client and work mostly on marketing, we focus on the local residents and the quality of our work. After all, that’s why we continually educate and improve our roofers and try to work with the best materials and tools available. With that said, while we are not competitive in a bad way, we truly don’t appreciate lying contractors who come up with different scams to get money out of their clients. We already said a thousand times that the roof is the most important part of the entire house. It is simply what makes a house functional and protective of your family members and belongings. Each memory- no matter if in a physical state or just an event that happened, is created in your home and kept safe by your roof. Each piece of furniture, high-tech gadgets, books and other things you invested in are not damaged thanks to your roofing system. Now you comprehend the importance of your roof; you have to get to know the importance of a reliable contractor.

We work hard to make each and every client satisfied and happy with service, so we take it personally when some unlicensed contractor who charges a lot less gets customers. We know that their work won’t be long lasting, so we also feel sorry for the money someone invested when he could have been working with a reliable and trustworthy roofing company like Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors.  To help our long time consumers recognize these scammers, we prepared this article in which we’ve listed the most common roofing scams. So, we recommend you to keep reading and get educated, so you avoid getting trapped!

Before we start – how to avoid scams?

Before we jump into a description of the scams, we have a few tips for you. First one is always to ask to see the license. Never hire an unlicensed contractor, we promise you that you will not get a high-quality roof and service plus you can forget about getting a warranty. Secondly, feel free to ask for a tax identification number since this can prove the reliability of a contractor. We recommend you to always look for testimonials and reviews online- these first-hand experiences can help you a lot to recognize a low-quality contractor.

Storm chasers

A scam which became hugely popular lately is to be a storm chaser also known as roofing gypsies. Being a storm chaser is relatively easy. This group of contractors knows exactly where to be, when to be and how to approach victims. They appear at the places that just went through a harsh storm or winter. Residents of such places are usually desperate for a new roof, so when storm chasers appear, they accept the help right away. The catch is that these contractors will do a poor job intentionally because that way they know that a client will call them again soon. Even though this scam is popular, many people still struggle with recognizing it.

The price you have to pay

Overcharging became a classic way of cheating clients. Since they know that you don’t know much about roofing industry and the prices, contractors can overcharge you easily. They are automatically a step ahead of you due to their „knowledge.“  Contractors also love a method which is called low-ball technique in psychology. It’s a situation in which the contractor overcharges you after the job is done, so you simply feel obligated to say yes to the price they set.  You can escape this trap by asking at least three more contractors for an estimate. Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors, residential roofers from OKC would be happy to help as well.

Non-existing damage

We’ve been in this situation, you’ve been in this situation as well. At least once in their lifetime, people found themselves in the event when a handyman told them they have five more things they have to repair. This scam is also used by lying contractors.  Think about it: if you don’t inspect your roof on your own, you have no idea what is going on up there. This gives a scammer the opportunity to trick you by telling you there is a lot more that has to be done. That is, of course, not true but you still believe them. That’s how you will pay for something that wasn’t even broken.

Our recommendation

After working for years in this industry, we admit we know a bit more than we would like to. We are real experts in this field – we know how to do it and what the optimal price is. So, don’t be fooled by scamming contractors offering you low-cost service. Let professionals handle your roofing system and remember to be informed. This is the best way to avoid being fooled. Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors roofing contractor from Oklahoma City is always here to help!