Types of residential roofs

We are bombarded with choices in every aspect of our lives. Choosing the best toothpaste, the best shirt etc. It is the same with choosing the perfect roof for your household. According to Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors there are many types and styles of roofs to choose from, making it a long task that requires a certain amount of dedication and concentration.

Further down, we provide information on what to consider when it comes to choosing the roof of your liking, one that will guard your family for many years to come.

Generally speaking, there are three main categories:


A roof style does have an aesthetic value, although the main reason why a person would choose a roof of a certain style is to explore its benefits when it comes to specific properties that come with it. Although the main task of a roof is to provide shelter from all sorts of weather conditions, a high-quality roof has to be able to include internal elements of the household, such as piping, ventilation and insulation.

There are a few main types.

A gable roof is the most popular type of roofing. It usually resembles an inverted letter V.

A flat roof is as the name states, a roof of little to no pitch. The most common style used in commercial building for its many advantages, a flat roof is usually paired with rubber roofing systems.

The hip roof has four sloping sides that make it the most difficult type of roof to construct. One characteristic of a hip roof is that it can be both square and rectangular.

The gambrel roof, or a barn roof is mainly used for barns. Nowadays , it has become a common choice for residential roofing, because of the amount of space it provides.

Other types that exist are the folded plate roof, butterfly roof, winged gable roof, shed roof, and the mansard roof.


There are many materials used in roofing, each for its own benefit. The criteria on which to base your choice is the slope of your roof. Considering the three main roof slopes, further down are some textbook examples on which material to use for a certain slope.

Currently, one of the rising stars is the metal roofing. The most popular choices include aluminum, steel, tin and copper.

Furthermore, asphalt shingles are the most popular in the US, perfect for steep slopes.

Slate shingles have the advantage of being consequently split into thin sheets that can be ideal for roofing.

Wood shake roof is a typical weatherproof roof. Its main characteristic is overlapping which in the end requires more maintenance.

Slate shingles are made of sedimentary rock which can consequently be split into thin sheets ideal for roofing.


Last of all, the criterion you should bear in mind is the pitch of the roof. Although there aren’t many types to choose from, the slope of your roof dictates the rest.
There are three main types of slopes:

First,there is the flat roof. Like the name states, it is a roof with little to no pitch, which would meanit includes anything with a slope under 2:12 ratio. A low slope is a slope that stretches between a 4:12 ratio, all the way to a 2:12 ratio. The last one is the steep slope, or any slope between 4:12 and 21:12 ratio.

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