Taking care of your gutter system

A gutters job is to collect and divert rainwater away from the roof. However, once it becomes clogged, it can do some serious damage not only to your roof and your gutter, but also to the foundation of your house. To avoid clogging, you would have to take up that dreadful chore of checking your gutter every once in a while. But to avoid that gut-wrenching sensation, here are some tips on how to take care of that gutter before it takes care of you.


When breaking it down to basics, there are a couple of ways to clean a gutter. The first one is the way most of have been doing it, by climbing a ladder and using every tool possible to grab and remove the debris. To top it off, wear a long sleeved shirt and rubber gloves to avoid any injury. The second way to clean your gutter is to attach a tool to a wet shop vac in order to blast them out of the gutter.
The third way is to once again attach a tool you deem suitable for the task to a water hose to spray the debris out of the gutter.

There are many combinations of the above-mentioned that come in the shapes of modern-day tools, but in the end ,it all depends on your personal preference and your experience.



The best time to inspect your gutter is in the spring and in the beginning of autumn. Since the weather conditions in the meantime include a lot of ups and downs, this has proven to be the best time possible.

There are many ways to maintain a gutter. First of all, you should scrub the dirt off the sides of the gutter every once in a while with a stiff brush. To clear the material that may have been clogged someplace inside the gutter, the best option is a water hose.


By the strict love of weather conditions, you will probably have to readjust the slopes from time to time. The best way to check if your slopes are at their prime is to flush the gutter with a water hose. If the water drains slowly, try re-positioning the slope until you find the position in which it works optimally.

In case the climate of your area includes a bigger amount of rainfall than standard, you should try considering arranging the fall of your downspouts into a dry well. The amount of water that can come from a heavy rainfall can equal the amount of water coming from a clogged gutter, and even precede it. As stated above, such an amount of water can heavily damage your foundations. By diverting it into a dry well, you are directioning the flow away from the foundations.

Gutter covers are a good way to prevent the clogging of your gutter. You can choose between mesh screens, porous foam or a clip-on grate. On the downside, the cost of such a maneuver will probably be much bigger than the cost of the gutter itself. If your gutters require maintenance, then give your most trusted roofing contractor Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors from Oklahoma City a call.

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