Something out of the ordinary – A Koi Pond Project

We’re going to share a koi pond project we did a while back. While working on this project, we had a few problems when laying the tarp under the pool, so we decided to share a few tips as well as before and after photos with you.

We started off by removing the fish and any debris that could break our pump. When we made sure everything was clean we have begun pumping the water out, this took around 2 hours, and we had to check it every 15 minutes to ensure nothing stuck in the pump.

When the pond dried up, we started removing the rocks around it making sure not to drop any of them, a piece of stone this size can weigh up to 120 pounds and dropping one is almost guaranteed to break something.

Combining Funcionality & Aesthetics

When we removed all of the rocks, we were left with a hole surrounded by an old tarp. Even with the best filtration systems, you will still find some algae development; this is the only time you’ll get to replace your tarp so make sure you get a new one. While the polyester materials are extremely durable to water, some degradation can still happen, especially on the parts covered with stones. If you do decide to keep the old tarp wash it thoroughly and inspect for any signs or wear and tear, most tarps get damaged during the construction or deconstruction of the pool, and they can be a major headache since they can’t be replaced without taking the whole pool apart.

Bottom of the pond is being waterproofed

After making sure everything was set and secured, and the tarp wasn’t leaking we widened the hole and cleared it from any potential debris like pebbles and roots from nearby plants. We then placed the tarp back on fitting it into all of the nooks and crannies.

We started filling it with water to make sure it was still waterproof; we at Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, top rated OKC roofing company can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure it’s waterproof. The best way to be sure is to fill it with water and leave for a few hours, after that you should check the nearby soil and measure the level of the water if it stayed the same or lost a small amount due to evaporation you’re safe to proceed.

Water being poured in

Start placing the rocks back starting with the perimeter ones and building up away from the center of the pool; this ensures the structure is sturdy and won’t fall in case someone decides to play around it.

Completed project

Pond filled with water

After you’ve placed all of the rocks go around inspect everything; if a stone can be moved the chances are it shouldn’t be in that location, go around a pick a better place for it, do this until the pool is fully secured.

Finished Koi Pond

Fish happily enjoying their new home