Simplified Green Roof

With (most) Americans getting more conscious about the environment the question on everyone’s mind is what we, the ordinary folk can do to fight the climate change.

If you’re in the process of replacing your roof, you might want to consider getting a green roof. According to Choice Solutions¬†Roofing and Exteriors, the best roof replacement company in Oklahoma City, OK, green roofs have been around for centuries around The United Kingdom, Svalbard and the rest of the Europe where they have been used to insulate homes from the cold winters that went well bellow the freezing point. While the green roofs we are used to seeing might not be utilized for the same purpose, they still offer incredible insulation during winter and they absorb less heat during summer due to their color being green and not black like most residentially used roofs.

Green roofs are usually comprised of as many as nine layers, including structure support, thermal insulation, waterproofing, drainage, vapor barrier, growing medium, a filter membrane and last but not least, the plants.

If you’re in need of a green roof and don’t need your roof replaced, you can always make a simplified version. If you have a flat roof that can support the weight you should consider planting some vegetation up there. Native grassland plants, shrubs, and bushes are your best bet in this situation since they are light, require little water and can stand in the sunlight all day. You can also plant fruits and veggies, although they do require a bit more effort. Planting a spice garden is also one of the things to consider. If you do decide to go for this variant Mediterranean spices like rosemary, bay, oregano, and thyme are the ideal ones to use since they are well adjusted to those conditions.

Scandinavian Green Roof Inst. Scandinavian Green Roof Inst.


To survive plants need three things. Some soil to sit in, a way to stay hydrated even while it’s not raining and a drainage system, since we don’t want to flood our plants. Along with those basics getting a good insulating layer between the roof and the plants is a must since you never want water building up on top of your roof. If you’re not sure if your homemade green roof is set up properly try calling your local roofing specialist and get it inspected.

Integrating a solar panel network can also be an amazing way to save even more energy and give your house an additional green boost. These can work well with green roofs as long as the plants don’t block the sunlight. A huge benefit in laying your solar panels near plants is that they stop the build up of water under the panels and prevent roof damage and leaks.

We here at Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, a roofing contractor in Oklahoma City, OK, are more than happy to inspect your roofing system and determine if your roof is suitable for a green roof.