Construction: The Ten Most Common Health and Safety Risks

The construction industry accounts for accident fatality rates nearly twice that of the sector average while minor accidents happen literally every so often.
According to Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, the top roof replacement company in Oklahoma City, OK, this is why it is important you know the top 10 most common risks associated with working on a typical construction site and the preventive measures you need to take to manage them.


If you are in the construction industry, you will work at high places whether you are building or demolishing a building. You are dancing with danger. Falls from heights accounted for nearly three in ten fatal injuries to workers in 2014.
Adequate training, including safety awareness creation, would be critical in managing accidents among employees working at heights.
This means you need to assess the work at height – roofs, fragile services, and using ladders -and take necessary precautionary measures.
For instance, use a tower scaffold to prevent falls when working at height. You should, however, select the right tower for the work and ensure the person setting it up and dismantling is qualified and competent.

Moving equipment and machinery

There is a lot of movements – vehicles, overhead lifting equipment, mixers, and workers – at construction sites. You always move materials around at the location, but this is a recipe for accidents. Caution, adequate training, awareness creation, and increased organization can limit the number, nature, and scale of accidents.

Slips, trips, and falls

The construction industry by its nature is an activity that comes with constant movement, running, climbing and coming down around the building site whose surface is often replete with trenches and holes with scaffolding and materials and equipment strewn all over.
It is, therefore, common to have slips, trips, and falls unless the workers at the site are careful.


Constant and loud noise from the construction site caused by machine running and other human activity is a significant health hazard. It can distract you and cause an accident. If not managed, noise could lead to long-term hearing problems.
A comprehensive noise risk assessment backed by a sound management strategy is critical.

Vibration machines

Vibratory power tools and ground working equipment are a health risk. Operating them over an extended time, they cause hand arm vibration syndrome, or ‘vibration white finger,’ a painful and debilitating industrial disease of the blood vessels, nerves, and joints.
It could lead to many serious compensation claims, which you could avoid if you manage the number of hours one works on such machines, use adequate protection and appropriate and well-maintained equipment.


This is more of a risk as opposed to a hazard. Excavations, trenches, houses and other structures collapse from time to time burying and killing or injuring people working on them.
Precaution and following construction safety measures hold the key to managing such accidents.


An estimated 500,000 public buildings in the UK contain harmful asbestos materials, hidden away, forgotten, and harmless – in its calm state.
Increased awareness creation to empower workers to identify asbestos or know where it is and what to do with it is crucial.

Airborne substances

A lot of dust – often a subtle, invisible and toxic mixture of hazardous materials and fibres-spread from the construction site and could damage the lungs and cause diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary, asthma and silicosis.
As a rule, you should supply protective equipment and ensure it is strictly used to avoid lawsuits and compensation claims.


Statistics indicate that approximately three people get electrocuted at construction sites annually while refurbishing commercial and domestic buildings, especially if they are close to overhead power lines and cables.
Unqualified persons try to carry out electrical work, such as plumbers, joiners, and decorators, are the primary victims.
Training and precaution will reduce such accidents. If you need any more tips on how to avoid such accidents, feel free to contact Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, a roofer company in Oklahoma City, OK.