Media Outlets in the state of Oklahoma

Hearing Oklahoma probably attracts images of natural gas, Native Americans and tornados to your mind since those are the trademarks of this south central US state. However, this fast-developing state has plenty to offer and introduce you to. As the 28-th most populous state and one of the most extensive ones, Oklahoma is listed as a top destination when it comes to per capita income. Two major cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, represent an economic and tourism hub of this red-dirt state.  Except for the natural gas and oil Oklahoma’s growing economy relies on biotechnology, aviation and, most importantly for us, telecommunications.

We all know the United States is the biggest telecommunications and media industry with a worldwide impact. Not only we produce the most content, but we also sell the most content to countries around the globe. From information gathered by correspondents from all over the world to entertainment content sold daily, the US has the widest media market.   Our media market hosts several types of media outlets including radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and television. Our media outlets mostly lie in the hands of large corporations or media conglomerates that are the main globalization factors.  North America is, therefore, the most prominent agenda-setter and is involved in producing of the „pseudo-world.“


The state of Oklahoma is not negligible in media products, on the contrary, Oklahoma City and Tulsa are its leading media industries that are ranked 45th and 61st in the US. And while working on rootops we at Choice Solutions and Exteriors, roofers in OKC we like to listen to some good music.  Here is the information on the  most prominent print and broadcast media in the state of Oklahoma:


First ever radio in Oklahoma City was introduced in 1920 and named WKY. WKY operates even today, and it proudly broadcasts from the tallest radio tower in the US.  It went through various stages and formats featuring country, easy listening, Christian and oldies. Today, WKY is owned by Cumulus Media group.  It was followed by KRFU based in Bristow which soon transferred to Tulsa and changed its name to KVOO in 1927. Established as a Christian radio, KVOO went a long way, and today it is the most famous commercial radio in the city of Tulsa. It is most popular and listened for its country music format and quality newscast.

Oklahoma is a home to over 500 radio stations broadcasting both in the local or national network. Some of the most quality radio content is produced by universities of Oklahoma which own non-commercial radio stations or networks.


With 712 thousand households owning a TV it is no wonder that Oklahoma is one of the biggest media markets in the state. The large tv boom started in 1949 with the beginning of broadcasting of KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City nad KOTV-TV in Tulsa. Major American broadcast networks such as NBC, ABC, and CBS have associated television stations around the state. Uniqueness of the Oklahoma’s television market is contained in  ethnic-oriented TV channels and programmes that broadcast in Spanish or Asian languages and sometimes there are even Native American oriented programmes. As a relatively conservative state, Oklahoma established their Christian religious tv network in Tulsa and Oklahoma City back in 1980.


If you ever visit Oklahoma don’t forget to buy The Oklahoman, newspapers so old that they almost became a trademark of the state. It is the largest newspaper with a readership of 138 thousand which makes it the 54th largest in the entire nation. The newspaper was established in 1889 by Sam Small. In 1903 Edward Gaylord took over the newspaper and edited them for more than 70 years. First ever Oklahoma newspaper was founded in 1844 under the name Cherokee Advocate. It was a unique newspaper written in Cherokee and English that was published until 1906. A prominent daily newspaper is also The Journal Record that follows business just like many other weekly or monthly editions. Oklahoma, in general, has an abundance of specific magazines dedicated to one field such as Oklahoma Gazette, Apartment Locator, The Campus, Oklahoma Today and much more.

The state of red dirt, country music, and tornados also has a modern and urban element which is evident in the fast-developing media industry. While the US media market is highly competitive and almost saturated with a variety of media outlets, Oklahoma stands high and offers high-quality media content to its residents.