Connection between ice damming and roof leaks


Many people in the United States live in an area where weather can vary from extreme heats during the summer to freezing temperatures during the winter. All of that can take toll on your roofing material. While it is true that roofing materials are specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions it will certainly wear out much faster when exposed to both extremes. In addition to freezing temperatures, snow, cold high winds, your roof will also battle with ice. Ice can cause so much damage to your roofing material and in this post, we will try to inform you about what should you do if you wish to avoid having damaged roof over your property and your head.

When snow falls on your roofing system, it will stay there if the temperatures are low enough. During the day it will slowly melt and seep through to your roofing material. Once the sun sets, temperatures will drop, and all that melted snow will condense and freeze right on top of your roofing material. That process will repeat every day. Your roofing material can easily crack, and once the water enters, it will become trapped inside. That trapped water will freeze and expand during the night and in the morning that small crack you had in your roofing material will become even bigger. This is called freeze/thaw process, and it will lead to a leaking roof sooner or later. Another thing that may cause ice damming is the heat from your home. During the winter heating in your home is probably working full steam. As we all know, most of the heat goes up to your ceiling. That heat will end up in your attic, and it will start to melt snow directly on top of the roofing material. During the night when most of the people lower the heating, cold temperatures will freeze that melted snow, and it will result in the same thing. Critical area is around your chimney which gets hot quickly and it will melt away the snow around it. All that water around flashing will eventually freeze, and it can destroy it and create a leak in the process. Trust us; you do not want to have a leak on your hands in the middle of the winter. Water can damage or even destroy everything it touches. First, it will destroy your roofing material and then it will enter your home where it can cause extensive and expensive damage. Your roofing support structure, attic insulation, walls, wiring, ceiling and a complete structural integrity of your home might be in danger.

Only way you can fight against this is to have your roofing system adequately and regularly inspected by a certified and experienced roofing company Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors from Oklahoma City. Spring, summer or autumn, it is up to you, just don’t wait until the winter to realize that your roof is leaking. Your contractor will have much more repairs to carry out. If you don’t have that damage repaired on time, your roof might collapse so don’t wait for another winter.