Benefits of eco – friendly roofing styles

With time, the roofing market and the whole industry changed significantly. As technology developed and changed every aspect of our lifestyle, it also changed the roofing industry. Today, we can produce what we could only imagine fifty or sixty years ago. Manufacturers are constantly working on improving materials and innovating new technologies. Three new ways of roofing changed the industry and are slowly winning over hearts of homeowners.

These roofing technologies remind us that even though we live in times where people are massively exploiting unrenewable sources of energy, there are better ways. The roofing industry, according to Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors, with these there innovations significantly brings good to the whole environment as well as the awareness of the environmental problems. We are going to sum up the most important about green, cool and solar roofing in one article but, trust us; you have to see it to understand it.


Let’s start with the solar roof. We often don’t see what is right in front us and this is one example of that situation. We are constantly looking for new ways and energy sources to exploit while ignoring the natural ones. The Wind, water and of course the Sun. This roofing technology allows homeowners to use the Sun’s heat and energy and produce the electricity. A solar roof is a new form of solar panels. These tiles are covered in thin-film solar cells or water based silicone solar cells. They must be protected from moisture, and when they are installed, they make a world of difference for your home and your bills. Not only that these tiles look elegant and glamorous, but they also have amazing benefit of saving you money and saving the energy. It is extremely durable, and you will not have to spend your money on expensive repairs like you would with asphalt shingles. It saves energy because it seizes the energy of the Sun and produces the electricity, meaning you will not have to pay high bills for your electricity.


Another equally aspiring and amazing invention is a green roof. Green roof combines great visual appearance with eco-friendliness. Its structure is the very best, consisting of eight layers green roof has everything you need to feel safe. It is covered with a waterproof membrane, engineered soil, fabrics that protect the drainage system and of course, a beautiful layer of vegetation on top.

You can benefit a lot from implementing this roof, but you are not the only one; the planet also does. Vegetation acts as an isolator and you will be paying less for heating or air conditioning, and you will use energy more efficiently. You can also forget about expensive repairs because this roof is very low maintenance and while you would have to check your asphalt shingles all the time, especially after the hurricane, you can relax with this technology. And the very best; it does so much for the environment. The green roof has the ability to reduce carbon monoxide levels in the air and neutralize acid rains.


The cool roof is a roofing system which utilizes reflective properties in its design, a cool roof effectively reflects and emits radiation to its surroundings. By using highly reflective paint, reflective tiles, shingles or sheet covering you can successfully lower the heat that is being transferred to the building below. Traditionally, cool roofs have been white or some other type of lighter shade color but recently thanks to a breakthrough in research and innovation, many cool roof products use dark and rich hues.

Benefits of a Cool Roof

The biggest advantage is that a properly installed and treated cool roofing system can lower your utility bills and increase the comfort level of your home or workplace by several degrees. Some others are:

  • Increasing the lifespan of your roof, which leads to saving money on roof repair or replacement
  • Prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning systems; if the roof has been treated properly you won’t have to keep your air conditioner running overtime.
  • Feeling proud that you’re helping the environment

Isn’t all this enough for you to think about eco-friendly roofing options? We at Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors roofing company from Oklahoma City think it is!