4 Factors You Need To Consider When Picking The Right Color For A Shingles


Are you planning to replace you old roof with a new one? If you do, then you might consider changing the color of your shingles. You do not want to stick with the old color, right? You want something new and refreshing.

Here are the four factors that you need to consider when picking the right color for your shingles:

1. Get inspiration.

First things first, you need to get inspiration as to what color you want for your roof. This is very important. Check out your neighborhood. What is the common color? See if you like the color as it is or if you would like to have good color combination. You can even check out home and living magazines. Who knows, you might get inspired and pick three colors or even more out of it.

2. Get samples.

Next, you need to get samples of the colors that inspire you. Be sure that you ask for a full-size shingle. This way, you will be able to feel the texture and have a closer look at the shingle. This will give you a rough idea as to how it really looks like when it is the color you are going to use up there.

3. Have a shortlist.

When you have the samples in your hand, and have seen and touch them, come up with a shortlist. You narrow your choices down to top 3 colors. This will make your decision-making a lot easier. You are not going to keep on changing your choices. Why? You already have seen them all. You have touched them all. What is left for you to do is to pick which one to go for.

4.  Coordinate with the contractor.

Lastly, you must coordinate with the contractor. Ask your contractor if they can provide you an overview as to how your home will look like based on the top 3 colors you have chosen. Some of them have software that can create a draft on how your home looks like when that particular color is being used.

When you have already gone through all the factors and have chosen the perfect color for your roof, what do you need to do next, you need to discuss things further with our roofing contractor. You want to know the very details with regard to the material use, the installation, and how much would it cost you to hire them to replace your roof. You can also ask for a package deal if they have any. In this way, you will be able to save money while at the same time having your roof replaced.

You need to be sure that you have communicated with them what color you want, and what you want your roof to look like. You do not want to end up disappointed seeing the end result, right? This will be avoided if things are properly communicated. If your home requires professional roofing service or if you need help with making a decision on the color of your roof, you can always contact your top roofing company Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors from Oklahoma City. We are here for your roof.