Living in Oklahoma City: Things You Need To Know First

You may be planning to relocate to Oklahoma City. Before you move, here are some of the things you need to know:

1. Oklahoma City is a land of opportunity

Rated highly by one of the world’s highly valued jobs and recruiting sites, it ranks third on Glassdoor’s list of Top 25 Cities To Find A Job. That is an indication that the city offers you a lot of possibilities and job opportunities to exploit. You do not have to fear that the opportunities may dry soon, because, during the height of the Us recession, the Forbes magazine rated the city the No. 1 most recession-proof city in America.

2. Affordable cost of quality of life

Oklahoma City has been rated as being substantially cheaper than other cities in America. The Forbes magazine ranked the city the No. 1 most affordable city in America.


3. Affordable housing awaits you

You will find the cost of buying a house on average it is substantially lower in Oklahoma City than in other big cities.

4. The city is a bit windy

The weather activity in Oklahoma City might get extreme. For instance, Tornado activity in the city is 253 percent more than the overall US average, and it is ranked 7th among the towns frequented by tornadoes in America. The good news is that most of the storms are manageable.

5. The OU Sooners will be your priority

The Oklahoma Sooners, simply Oklahoma or OU as they are fondly referred to, are the 19 university men’s and women’s sports teams, each representing the University of Oklahoma, located in Norman. Spurred on by the OU Fight Song, Boomer Sooner, watching the teams’ games live is an experience. This would soon become your priority.

6. Basketball will bring The Thunder to your plans

The Oklahoma City Thunder, which is based in the City, competes in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league’s Western Conference Northwest Division. When the Thunder takes to the field, the city’s residents’ passion is out of this world. Be prepared to join the fan base.

7. America’s friendliest people

America’s most helpful people will receive and treat you in Oklahoma City, which means they will hold you in total admiration, love, and respect as they do their city.

8. The Flaming Lips and your New Year’s Eve entertainment

The band Flaming Lips traces its roots to this town. The Oklahoma City residents proudly call them their own. The band Flaming Lips traces its roots to this city. The Oklahoma City residents proudly call them their own. With the band making a trip to the city every New Year’s Eve for a concert, the residents’ love for the band may extend to you.

9. You may need to explain that OKC is a city

Some people tend to think that Oklahoma City is not a city. But, OKC is a populated, diverse, eclectic, artistic, intellectual, musical, and downright fun city to live in. So, be ready to spread the message.

10. Your beet tasting buds must be sharp

You will find a vibrant microbrewery industry in Oklahoma City. One of them, Battered Boar Brewing Company, saw its Coconut Cream Stout making it big at the American Beer Festival. You may want to open yours. Whatever decision you may make, you will need your tasting buds at your best because every resident wants to drink delicious beer.

11. Are you looking for adventure? You can rock climb

You may be a fan of fun and adventure. Have you ever tried rock climbing on a giant grain elevator? You need to try yourself at The Rocktown Climbing Gym, which has both indoor and outdoor climbing, including a 90 feet interior of a grain elevator. Roofing is also an adventure, but let the professionals deal with it – call Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, the best roofers in Oklahoma City, OK today and schedule your free roof inspection.