There is nothing more important than having a high-quality roofing system for your home. There are numerous reasons why it’s so crucial. First of all, it protects your family members from the weather conditions. Your roof is responsible for keeping your family warm in the winter and protected from UV lights in the summer Secondly; it guards all your possessions. Every piece of furniture, electronic devices, floors- everything you’ve ever invested in. That’s why it’s important that your roof is properly installed.

DIY projects are all over the place nowadays. There is a thorough guide on how to build, make, clean, sew and do just about anything. When it comes to roofing, people never really wanted to engage in such thing. However, slowly, DIY roof repairs started to kick in. And today, you can even find DIY guides on how to replace and install your roof.

Is taking a roof replacement as a DIY project too much and should you call a contractor instead? Or is it perfectly fine and adventurous? Keep reading and find out.



Replacing your roof on your own might be a good idea for saving money. On example, if there is a section of shingles that you want to replace and you have some leftover shingles- then it’s a very good idea to experiment and do work by yourself. You’ll be saving money and learning something new. Another advantage of replacing the roof on your own is that it will be exactly how you want it- material you trust and the quality you aim at.


Unfortunately, roof replacement isn’t easy. Choice Solutions Roofing and Exterior, roof replacement contractor in Oklahoma City, claims replacing should be only done by professionals. There are several reasons for that.  We first need to mention safety risks. Professional roofers are trained to know how to move on the roof, and they spend most of their days on it. You may seriously hurt yourself if you fall or trip. Secondly, the quality of the work. Roofing companies have specialized equipment for roof replacements. They have all supplies and tools for a high-quality and correct installation that you probably don’t.  If you build just one thing wrong, your risk the entire roofing system.

DIY Roof Repair



The most obvious advantage of hiring a roofing contractor is that you don’t have to get up on the roof. You can be in peace knowing you can’t injure yourself. Next, you can rest knowing your roof will be amazing. It’s always a good feeling when you know that a professionally trained individual is going to do the work. Another advantage of hiring a professional contractor is that he will make sure that all your roofing system problems are solved. Before replacing your roof, he will repair even the smallest damage. You will also get a warranty which can save you a tremendous amount of money in the future.


To be honest, there aren’t many cons for hiring a roofing professional. Of course, if it’s a simple task ( like replacing a few shingles) then you can try to do it on your own and save some money.


Choice Solutions Roofing and Exterior, roofing contractor in Oklahoma City, always tries to raise awareness when it comes to hiring. There are certain things you have to ask your potential roof replacement, contractor. Below we listed some important paperwork your potential roofer has to possess and be able to show you. If he rejects to show you any of these, don’t hire him.


Without insurance, working with a contractor is a no-no. Roof replacement contractors and companies should always have liability insurance to protect you if an accident occurs. Insurance is a clear sign that your roofing company is trustworthy and never accept cheaper offers that compromise liability insurance.


A quality roofer can only work in your city or state if he/she is permitted. Each state has different requirements for a license. Be sure to get informed on license requirements and whether or not it’s required to have a city/county license as well. Ask your potential roof replacement contractor if he has a permit and check it in the local office. The unlicensed contractor can’t provide you with warranty or insurance.


A roof warranty is important for the future. Warranties typically last for a year, but sometimes roofers offer longer ones depending on the material. Ask your roofing contractor if the warranty is included. We recommend you to accept the offer only if there is a warranty included in it.