Siding replacement project

We were tasked with removing a rock wall siding and replacing it with a brick one. The project took one day with another day for inspection. The price point of the project was to be within the budget. If you plan on doing this project on your own consider hiring a crew for the wall removal part and do the brickwork on your own, this will save you an enormous amount of money.

The entire process step by step

Today we’re going to describe how we tackled removing a rock facade and replacing it to brick. While rock facades stay durable for years and have no problems withstanding even the harshest of the weather conditions we decided that the brick facade suits the house better and has the same if not better durability than a rock one. And the client wanted a change. This type of work isn’t easy, and there is a constant risk of rocks falling off the wall if not secured properly. Before doing any work on your own we at Choice Roofing and Solutions, an OKC roofing company advise you to consult a specialist in your area and have them look over the final product for security.

Before the replacement

Inspection first

We first had to focus on measuring the weight and making sure the wall can hold the brick. The amount of material and the strength of the wall are crucial since a collapse could cause a lot of damage. After we chose the right materials and made sure we had the insulation layers prepared we secured the area and got ready to take the rock wall down.

Project getting underway

We made sure to remove everything from the area and started the process; starting from the top, we began removing rocks making sure the whole thing doesn’t collapse, and we don’t cause any unnecessary damage to the roof.

Old siding removed

After removing the stones from the wall, we were left with layers of outer insulation and a huge pile of rocks we removed and cleared the area so we can continue with the project.

New insulation being put on

Do everything thoroughly

We applied a new layer of insulation making sure we improve the energy efficiency of the home. Since we are already removing the outer part of the wall, it leaves us with a perfect time to place a new insulation layer.

Everything is set before new siding

After placing the insulation layer, we cover it with a waterproofing layer made to keep the water away from the inside of the wall. When we installed the waterproofing layer, we started laying the bricks one by one from the bottom.

New siding being put on

Let it set in

This is the most crucial part of the whole project since slipping up here could mean a huge amount of damage to the roof as well as the equipment and we would have to start over with the whole project.


As we finished the work we had to be extra careful due to the part of the wall being over an adjacent roof. If a piece breaks off it could cause thousands of dollars in damage so we had to test and make sure everything was safe.

Completed work

After installing everything and leaving it to set we came back to inspect the wall. If you’re doing the project on your own, this is where you should call your local contractor to check everything. If you still decide against it make sure to examine the wall every few days for the first month and note any movements or loose bricks!