Early signs that the integrity of your entire home is in danger

Roof collapse is nothing anyone should joke about. Thousands of roofs collapse every year, and people sometimes get trapped inside their home under the weight of a complete roofing system. There are numerous things that can cause a roof collapse and most of them ”whisper” early warnings; you just have to listen. Roofing system collapse can occur throughout the whole year, but during the winter chances are much greater. Some areas in the United States are getting blasted by harsh and unforgiving winters during the last couple of years so most of us know what kind of damage and chaos a blizzard and significant amounts of snow can cause. Snow can easily accumulate on top of your roofing system, and it can easily trigger collapse once it gets wet and cumbersome. Summer and fall are the time when you should start preparing for the upcoming winter.

Snow and your roof

As we said, snow buildup can trigger roof collapse at any given moment, especially if your roofing system wasn’t inspected by a roofing professional for some time. When snow is dry, it weighs around 7 pounds per cubic foot. In comparison to that, when the snow gets wet and dense that weight multiplies. That wet snow will be trapped right on top of your roofing material, and that way water can quickly enter your attic and your home. All of that can lead to leak inside your home. As water passes through the attic and to your ceiling, it will destroy everything it touches along the way. Moisture and water can easily damage your attic insulation and your wood roofing support structure. Everybody knows that wood can get damaged when exposed to moisture and water. Roofing support structure can get infested with a dry rot which will continue to deteriorate and destroy your roof support structure and jeopardize the structural integrity of your whole home. That is why it is crucial to remove the snow buildup from your roof once in accumulates. Of course, flat roofing systems and low sloped ones are at much greater danger once it starts to snow because snow will build up on top of them with great ease.

Warning signs

Now, there are always warning signs present if your roof is bound to collapse soon. If you notice any of the signs listed in this article, then you should contact your roofing contractor as soon as possible and have that problem repaired.

Sagging – if your notice any sections outside on your roof are sagging, such as your roofing material or if you notice ceiling sagging inside your home, your roof might collapse at any moment.

Leaks – if you are struggling with leaks inside your home for some time your roof is probably severely damaged and is leaking at a few different places. Contact your roofing contractor Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors immediately to have your roofing system inspected and replaced if needed.

Cracks – another thing you should pay attention to is your masonry. If you notice any cracks on the outside walls the chances are that your roofing support structure is becoming weak, and soon it will not be able to carry the weight of your roof.

Deformities – check out your roofing support structure. If it is covered in ripples and bends, it is probably infested with dry rot. Your entire property might be in danger.

Doors/Windows frames – if you notice that doors and windows are getting harder to open, and if they start producing squeaking and crackling sounds, you should contact your local contractor.

If you see any of these signs, you can always contact your trusted and reliable Oklahoma City roofing contractor Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors to save your home and belongings from a roof collapse.

How to avoid roof collapse

Best and only thing you can do is to have your roofing system regularly and adequately inspected, maintained and repaired by a certified roofing professional. Your roofer will be able to catch early warning signs and minor damages before they become major. And think about the situation money-wise, you will save much more money if you have your roof inspected and repaired once in every few years compared to dealing with a roof collapse. There are some things you can do by yourself to prolong the life and durability of your roofing system. You can always remove any debris and growth such as algae and algae from your roof. All of them can contain high amounts of moisture which can destroy your roofing material. Inspect your gutters from time to time to see if there are spots filled with leaves or debris. If your gutters get clogged, water can spill over the edge and end up under your roofing material. If you notice broken or missing roofing material, you should contact a professional and have that repaired. And now, most importantly, when winter comes be prepared to remove the excess of the snow from your roof. Do not let it accumulate.