Things that can go wrong with faulty or inadequate roof ventilation system


Proper attic and roof ventilation systems are vital elements of your roof and your entire home. The primary goal of your roof ventilation is to push out moisture and heat trapped in your attic and intake fresh air. When roofing ventilation is installed adequately, it will help your roof and your home by lowering the temperature differential inside and outside your attic. This will prevent numerous problems from appearing on your roof or inside your attic.

Most roofing systems are ventilated in two ways. Either by a continuous ridge vent or standard attic vents. Continuous ridge vent is more attractive because it has a discreet appearance and it offers the maximum level of ventilation. Standard attic ventilation vents are usually placed every 7 to 8 feet, and they are more budget friendly. There are numerous things that can get damaged by poor roofing ventilation. Heat and moisture will always be present if your roof ventilation is not working properly, but did you wonder what kind of problems they can cause to your home?


Moisture will create the humid environment which will become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can severely damage your roofing support structure and endanger the structural integrity of your whole home, according to Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors. Another thing mold can cause is health problems. Another thing about the mold, once it starts to grow it will continue to spread at the fast rate if not detected and treated properly and promptly. If your roof support structure is in constant contact with mold or mildew, it can get infested with dry rot which can endanger structural integrity of your property, and that will leave you with a big hole in your wallet.

Deformed decking

High levels of moisture can penetrate your roofing system’s decking. Moisture will then dissolve adhesives which are keeping everything together and in place, and it will warp them, and your roofing system will feel all spongy-like if you walk on it.


Premature loss of granules, cracking, warping and blistering are just some of the problems your roofing material will face if you have poor ventilation and high moisture levels inside your attic.


You know how car window can get all foggy and frosty during the winter, right? Well, same can happen to your attic. When the moisture and heat are trapped in your attic, that moisture will freeze once the temperatures drop. This can severely damage your attic and your roof.

Dealing with a damaged roof is not a thing any homeowner wants to deal with. We get that, after all, who wants to deal with expensive problems which can be easily avoided with a little professional help? Preventative maintenance and regular roof inspection can do wonders for you, your roof, property and your wallet. If you wish to have your roof ventilation system inspected by the best professional Oklahoma City roofing contractor, then contact your trusted Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors now!

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