Clay Tile Roofing in the Greater Oklahoma City Area

It’s your ROOF; it’s your CHOICE

The popularity of roofing systems made out of clay grows each day, as homeowners across the United States choose to implement this unique type of residential roofing to their homes. Alongside its breathtaking appeal, clay tiles count as one of the most durable roofing materials, and their longevity ranks high. If you are looking to install a roofing system which is not only appealing but long-lasting as well, you should consider clay tiles.

After molding the clay into tiles, it is baked at a specific temperature, which can vary depending on the wished result. This process gives many benefits to future roofs, such as long lifespan and durability.

What Are Some Benefits Clay Tiles Offer

The most striking feature of clay tile roofing is without a doubt their aesthetic charm. The warm and pleasant Mediterranean setting along with picturesque scenes of prominent houses with vivid-colored roofs comes to mind when talking about clay roofing. Clay now comes in a variety of styles and colors, and it is up to every residential building owner to choose the perfect combination for his home. Age is not a problem for the tiles – they do not suffer discoloration, even with decades of exposure to natural elements.

The usage of clay tiles in temperate European climates is not only founded on outer appearance, but on other factors as well. For example, clay offers excellent protection from heat and salt, which is crucial in places with Mediterranean climates close to the seashore. By producing clay tiles by a special kind of baking technique called hard-firing, homeowners can benefit from them even though they live in colder climates. The longevity of clay tiles can exceed a century if treated carefully, and they are very durable and invincible against severe weather, mold, mildew, fire, insects, and physical damage. You won’t have to worry about monthly maintenance sessions – clay roofing won’t require virtually any repairs or replacements if installed by roofers Oklahoma city OK

Great news for those who don’t wish to pollute the environment – clay tiles are completely recyclable and environmentally-friendly since they are manufactured purely from natural resources. The clay once used in roofing can be reused further as a building material, causing waste and cost reductions.

The Cons of Clay Tile Roofing

When it comes to price, clay tiles are not the most affordable option, but the results are well worth the investment. Clay roofings will endure long after being installed, so you shouldn’t feel like you wasted your money on the wrong roofing solution.

Their weight is also a factor worth considering. As opposed to asphalt, wood or light metals, clay tiles are not a lightweight roofing material, and their installment usually requires the house to have some kind of additional support structure. Make sure you consult with your roofing contractor before you decide on clay roofing. The installment is not an easy feat to make – amateurs should not delve into the process themselves; instead, homeowners should seek a licensed roofer to finish the installment process professionally and properly.

Once your clay roofing has been installed, there might be instances of you having to have your roof repaired. Whether you do it on your own or contact a professional, the repair should be done carefully since clay is a fragile material (despite its excellent durability and proneness to weather), and can break easily under pressure.

Although their color does not fade, clay tiles can get dirty easily by being exposed to air polluted with high rates of soil and dirt, which can lower the curb appeal of your roof.

Choice Solutions is All About You

Once you’ve read about all the benefits and risks associated with having a clay roofing installed, you are ready to make the decision of implementing clay tiles to your roof. Should you have any questions or worries you wish to ask us, make sure to contact us, and we will react promptly to resolve them.

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