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The reputation of metal as a rigid, durable, and effective material is well known, not just in the roofing industry, but in other fields as well. In residential roofing, it is particularly effective when it comes to reliable, enduring roofing solutions.

The specific metal materials used in roofing vary: roofs can be made out of zinc, tin, aluminum, steel, copper or other alloys with different results in durability and style. It is up to each homeowner to decide which type of metal tiles suits best for him, and it is wise to get familiar with several pros and cons of metal tile roofings beforehand.

Metal Roofing and Their Performance

Generally speaking, metal roofs are not very heavy – usually, a house with no additional supporting framework would be able to carry a metal roofing system, which may seem illogical to some, considering the fact metal is a heavy material. However, materials such as aluminum are lightweight and pose absolutely no threat of roof collapsing.

The durability of metal roofings differs according to each material. It is to be noted, however, that metal tiles offer much more resilience to any number of weather conditions, such as hail, rain, snow heavy storms or winds, as opposed to asphalt roofings, for example. The longevity of metal is also a factor worth considering – metal roofs last for nearly a century when installed handled with great care. They are prone to fire, mold, mildew, and insects, which significantly reduces repair and maintenance costs. For example, steel roofs coated with zinc provide protection from corrosion, while copper and stainless steel roofs do not rust at all. In fact, copper tends to age gracefully, providing your roof with a charming, quaint appearance, and it tops any other material in terms of longevity.

Metal also provides a natural protection from the sun, which means it reflects the heat. This creates a cooling effect for the space below it during hot summer months and, consequently, reduces energy costs.

Roofing systems made out of metal tiles are simple enough to install – any reliable and professional roofing contractor will have no problems installing a new metal roofing to a house. If installed correctly, metal roofing should pose no threat in the event of a lightning strike.

What Can Dissuade You From Installing Metal Roofs

The major setback in your decision might be the price – metal roofs are not the cheapest roofing solution there is, and that is perfectly reasonable – their quality is proportional to their price. Some materials, such as aluminum, do not look very appealing and can make your house look bland, but you can avoid that by having it painted, or choosing a different style you prefer. Copper is a very rare material used in roofing these days, which also makes it extremely valuable, and, consequently, expensive.

Also, the more lightweight a material is, the more risk there is of even the slightest hit or collision damaging it. For example, aluminum is not very resistant to physical damage and it can suffer indents or cuts, which will require maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, it is also not very affordable on metal roofing. However, once installed properly, a metal roofing can live its life without even being repaired or replaced once.

One of the more subtle critiques metal roofins often receive is the noise precipitation makes when hitting a roof. If you are easily bothered by the repeating taps rain makes when falling on your roof, then you will be just as easily disappointed after having a metal roofing installed.

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After you’ve read everything you need to know about metal roofing and their benefits and disadvantages, the decision is yours to make. However, if you encounter problems or issues regarding the decision of having your new metal roofing installed, do not hesitate to contact us and alleviate your concerns.

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