Slate Shingles in the Greater Oklahoma City Area

It’s your ROOF; it’s your CHOICE

Slate counts as one of the most attractive residential roofing materials there is and the homeowners’ love for them is not based solely on appearance. While slate roofing can boost your house’s price on the market only because of its looks, its admirable durability and endurance is also something worth having in mind while deciding for a slate shingle roof.

Slate is a stone, a natural blend of minerals such as muscovite, quartz, and pyrite. Its inherent properties allow for a more durable and rigid roof, and the fact that it has amazed generations of builders, roof contractors, and homeowners worldwide with its long life and imperviousness to almost any natural occurrence is enough for one to choose it over any other type of residential roofing material.

The Perks Slate Shingles Come With

The aesthetic appeal slate shingles offer is one of the main reasons for their purchase and installment. Not only will your house stand out from others by having a new, slate-shingled roof which provides a vintage look to it, but its value will increase, meaning once you decide to put it on the market, you will be able to demand more for it. Slate shingles can be treated with special chemicals to make the aging process less painful, and thus ensuring their appearance will stand the test of time.

Some residential building owners tend to choose slate over anything else based only on its appeal. However, there are more perks this type of roofing comes with. The first is their longevity, which can reach a hundred years when occasionally inspected by a roofer in Oklahoma city .

They are also invulnerable to any natural element, be it rain, snow, mold, or insects. This means you won’t have to bother with it ever again, let alone replace it with a new one. They are invincible against fire, so any flammable substance that comes near your roof won’t harm it in any way. Slate roofings work great at any temperature, so sudden weather changes will not affect it at all. The stone is very dense, which means it is completely waterproof, a criterium many homeowners seek for their future roofings.

The Flaws of Slate Shingles

The very cost of the material and its installation can turn away some customers from buying slate shingles. That being said, slate shingles are one of the best roofing investments one can make, considering its remarkable longevity. Once you have your slate roofing installed, you shouldn’t experience any problems with it. However, if such instance really does occur, you will have to set aside some money for the repairs as well, even though it is only a small blemish on the roof.

The delicate nature of slate makes it necessary to be carefully installed by qualified professional roofers. If you’re looking to repair or replace your roof single-handedly, and you have no experience in roof construction whatsoever, you will most definitely damage it, because a single step on slate shingles can break them, and thus urge you to spend more money on repairs.

Their weight is also a major contributing factor deciding on having a slate roofing system installed. Being produced out of heavy stone, slate shingles will require a sturdier support construction on the house. A regular inspection by a certified roofer should be able to tell if your house can support this type of residential roofing.

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