How to inspect your roof?

Most things you own should be inspected regulary and no expection is your roof. Avoiding inspections can cost you way much more than what it normally would. Your roof is the first line of defense from snow, rain, heat and others elements. Every region has different weather conditions and is wise to know how to take care when it comes to your roof.

It’s recommended to inspect the roof annually, but that doesn’t include extreme weather conditions. Obviously, a year would be too long to wait, these condition requires quick and proper intervention. High winds are especially dangerous when it comes to shingles because the damage on a shingle is destructive for interior infrastructure. However,  if you don’t have these kind of ”weather problems” it is good to know that spring and autumn are best seasons for a regular inspection.

Calling a roofer or inspecting it yourself?

If you are not sure in inspecting it yourself, you should hire a qualified roofing contractor. In a process of choosing, take into consideration that the contractor has enough experience for the job, know how to handle roof materials and also makes sure that you understand the entire procedure. Except for the importance of removing possible damage, when it comes to inspection you should pay attention that the work is done well, ensuring a durable roof with no leaks.

Although, there is a lot of people who decide to inspect the roof on their own. For those  considering that idea here are some recommendations. Firstly, check metal pieces on your roof , called flashings. If you notice that flashings are inadequate Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors recommends that you try to fix them as soon as possible. If  those are damaged, rain or snow meltage can enter into your house destroying interior walls and causing infrastructure to rot. Furthermore, after a period of time, roofs made of asphalt materials may need a replacement. That’s necessary if you notice that shingles are curling up but also if  you see granules in gutters (from which asphalt materials are made of).  On metal roofs, the signs for intervention are rusting, corrosion and pitting, so pay attention to those. There are few more things to look for, but the most important one is definitely inspecting your roof on regular basis. It will save you a lot of time, energy and of course, money.


How to clean your roof?

The first step to prevent a damage on your roof, except inspecting, is to keep it clean. Dirty roof shingles are often indicated by falling debris from trees or brought on by animals. There are several techniques that you can use to clean stuff like those. Usually, people use hands to remove the dirt. It may look simple, but you should be very careful on this one and be aware of proper roof safety. Ask for help if you’re afraid of heights. Another way to make your roof shining again is using a blower. It’s an easy way to remove leafs, sticks and others without the risk of you getting dirty.  A soft broom or a brush is for those who know how to use it  properly. Using it incorrectly can bring you more harm than good. If you have any further questions about roof inspection and cleaning, give your number one local roofing contractor Choice Solutions Roofing & Exteriors from Oklahoma City a call.