Few trends in construction industry to keep in mind

The construction industry has been trying, and succeeding, to keep up with the modern times and keep an open mind towards technology and innovation. It is an industry that is known for its love for traditional methods and practices, and one of the slowest and not too keenest one to accept technology and high-tech gadgets into its ranks. But it has, and now it’s only reaping the benefits of it. Here are some of the trends to keep in mind, brought to you by Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors, the best roofing contractor in Oklahoma City, OK.

  1. BIM

I’m sure most of the people in the construction industry, whether owners, contractors, or construction workers, have already heard of, or dealt with BIM by now. Building Information Modelling is an interactive platform, a software program that has allowed the entire construction project to be monitored and managed from one (virtual) place. It is a software that, with the help of other smart gadgets and mobile apps, keeps track of all the aspects of the project, the progress, makes estimations and predictions, improves workplace safety and overall efficiency. It collects and analyzes data, and the information is always available to everyone, which also makes cooperation better and communication easier.


  1. Green building

Going green has been an ongoing trend for some time, making its way into many aspects of our lives. The construction industry is no different. The important thing to focus on and to keep in mind is how to live sustainably and take better care of our environment, try to decrease our carbon footprint and use energy from natural resources. So, from the trend of green living developed the trend of green (sustainable) building. This means employing building practices which are safe for the environment, as well as using sustainable building material that is recyclable and reusable. The goal is for the process and the end-result, the building, to be as green and as sustainable as possible, making sure energy and water are not wasted, keeping in mind to install energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, making sure to incorporate proper insulation and roofing in the building.

  1. Modular or off-site construction

This is an innovation only because it has been trending lately and taking a stronghold in construction, but it has really been around for quite some time now. But the important thing is that the benefits of modular buildings are now becoming more and more obvious and hard to ignore. Modular construction is the construction that takes place off-site, i.e., remotely, on a different location than where the building will eventually be. Different parts of the building are built separately and then, in the end, assembled together on site. What makes this so great is that the overall cost of the project is lower and the time needed to build it is significantly decreased. The construction is done in a controlled environment which makes this method safer and decreases the possibility of different risks, damages, and injuries. According to Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors in Oklahoma City, OK, the method can be employed in both commercial and residential building.