At CHOICE ROOFS we deliver great value!

We value your time as much as our own. We are a family-based business and spend many hours researching, inspecting, estimating, repairing and collaborating for our clients and do so at a cost. In this competitive roofing market, we have learned that we all too often do our due diligence for a client without any strings attached. We do not ask for any signed contracts until our clients know all the FACTS. We provide services that allow our clients to be fully informed before moving forward with any repair to their home. We provide these services at an initial cost for our time and efforts. Once our clients have all the information they need to make an educated buying decision, most do so with us because of the value, relationship  and trust we have established. CHOICE ROOFS will credit any or all of services charged and applied to a signed contract of full roof replacement to be completed. Below is a list of services that are not all inclusive of what we offer. Please contact us for any additional information and or questions.


Roof Inspection

Complete detail inspection of the entire roof surface. We identify items including and not limited to the following: Storm damage, hail, wind, tree, mechanical problems, installation issues, water intrusion/leaks etc. We offer a full report that includes photos, professional opinions, and recommendations as needed.

Base Cost Per Roof Inspection: $150.00***
Additional cost may include and not limited to: Size of  roof, hazardous inspection, steep, trip charges etc.

Storm Data Reports

Wind and Hail reports available confirming any storm-related damage identified during roof inspection and emailed in PDF format.

Base Cost Per Report: $50.00***

Project Estimates

Complete detailed estimate of project and or repair costs are created using Xactimate Estimating Software. Most insurance companies also use Xactimate. This allows us to remain competitive and easy to reach an agreement for the scope of work when submitted to most insurance companies.
Base Cost Per Estimate: $150.00***
Additional cost may include and not limited  to: Roof Sketch, Additional hours depending on the size and scope of work, additional hours locating product and materials, additional hours for additional site visits.

Roof Sketch

Detailed roof measurement and drawing.                                                                             

Base Cost Roof Sketch: $75.00***


Includes a Roof Inspection Report $150, (1) Storm Data Report $50 and Project Estimate $150 with Roof Sketch $75.00 fully ready to submit to insurance. Also includes  initial visit and  additional visit to meet with an insurance adjuster during  inspection. This BEST VALUE Option ensures that you have a qualified representative to assist you through any storm-related disaster.

Base Cost BEST VALUE: $300.00*** a savings of $125.00 and fully credited upon  signed contract for full roof replacement.

Hourly Rate

Base Cost Hourly Rate: $75.00 2-hour minimum***
Base Hourly Rate may apply to labor only applications, re-inspections, estimating and applicable drive time and or additional trip charges.

Roof Replacement

Most roofs are different in materials, age, size, construction, code compliance etc. There is not a one-size fits all type of pricing regarding full roof replacement costs. First, we must measure and or order a roof measurement for accuracy and then inspect for proper re-roof needs. We do this best using our BEST VALUE option above.

Annual Roof Inspection and Maintenance 

Base Cost Annual Inspection and Maintenance: $200.00***
Additional costs may apply.

Roof Repair

Base Cost Labor and Material minimum: $460.00***
Additional costs may apply.

Emergency Weatherproofing Services

Base Cost Emergency Services: $460.00***
Additional costs may apply.


***Choice Roofs - Choice Solutions, LLC charge General Contractor Overhead and Profit and reserves the right to discount and or credit all charged services and apply to any signed contract for full roof replacement.