All Insurance Claims are subject payment of the deductible agreed within your insurance policy pursuant,

  • 2022 Oklahoma Statutes – Title 59. Professions and Occupations – §59-1151.30.
  • Offer to pay insurance deductible or to compensate for providing service.
  • Universal Citation:59 OK Stat § 1151.30 (2022)

A residential or commercial roofing contractor providing repairs or improvement services to be paid by an insured from the proceeds of a property or casualty insurance policy shall not, as an inducement to the sale or provision of goods or services to an insured, advertise or promise to pay, directly or indirectly, all or part of any applicable insurance deductible or offer to compensate an insured for providing any service to the insured. If a roofing contractor violates the provisions of this section, the insurer to whom the insured tendered the claim shall not be obligated to consider the estimate prepared by the roofing contractor. Every roofing contractor shall provide a written notification of the requirements of this section with its initial estimate. The adjuster or insurer shall provide a written notification of the requirements of this section in the initial estimate relating to the claim. Added by Laws 2022, c. 331, § 1, eff. Nov. 1, 2022.


Pursuant to 59 O.S. Section 1151.4, the Construction Industries Board shall have the authority to administer and enforce the provisions of the Roofing Contractor Registration Act, including the authority to: Read more


Damaged roofs are all too familiar in the Oklahoma area.  A roofer who is familiar with insurance claims in Oklahoma can address discrepancies, unknown dates of loss, and poor scope of work. 


The Inspection
We begin with providing a thorough forensic storm…
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Filing the Claim
You will need to contact your insurance…
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Confirm Dates
After you have filed the claim, you will receive…
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Meet Adjuster
It is very important that we are able to meet…
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Evaluate Damage
During our inspection with your insurance…
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Review Estimate
Once you receive your adjuster’s estimate…
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It is possible that your adjuster says “NO DAMAGE” or that there are differences in the scope of work identified. Sometimes discrepancies occur by accident and or overlooked during the initial inspection. However, most occur when the adjuster has not assessed the same damage as the contractor. Not to worry, in the event that something has been missed or cost of repairs differ, we will act on your behalf and file a supplement. We will first provide you with an estimate that we believe that your insurance company should allow for the repairs and then with your approval, we will submit directly to your insurance company. In order to limit the number of discrepancies it is recommended that you allow Choice Roofs represent you during the adjustment process. This will help save you time and expedite the process without causing you headache.

Choice Roofs will provide you the peace of mind you need to get through the insurance claims process.


Below you will find 800 numbers to contact the claims department of several of the most popular insurance companies that do business in the state of Oklahoma.

You may also click any of the company logos and be directed to their website to initiate the claims process online.

We only list the following companies for your convenience and ease to contact them, we do not claim to have any business relationship with any of the companies listed.